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Quik. This is one of the most convenient and easy to use app in GoPro's arsenal. Quik is a free … 12 Best iPhone Apps for IT Pros - Business News Daily Jun 06, 2018 We feel that Headspace is the best app for creating and sustaining a mindfulness meditation practice from your iPhone. It offers a clean user interface that makes it easy to access whatever you’re looking for, offers a huge library of meditations to choose from, and features great instructors who help you relax and focus.

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When the old iPhone senses the pixels, it’ll automatically continue the setup. On the new iPhone, you need to enter the passcode of the old iPhone. Set up the new iPhone as a new phone and don Jan 18, 2020 · For some, Apple's Mail app leaves a lot to be desired, and maintaining "inbox zero" feels almost impossible. Fortunately, there are some great email apps that make email a bit more pleasant. Here are some of the best apps for email on your iPhone or iPad.