sudo gpasswd -d user sudo Removing the user from group sudo gpasswd: the user is not a member of 'sudo' After that, I checked . sudo -l -U user User may run the following commands on the server: (ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL User is still able to run sudo su and get root access. EDIT 02: @Panki, The snippet

May 04, 2019 Sudo Command in Linux/Unix - LinuxForDevices 1. Granting sudo access to users. To grant access to a specific user, an existing superuser needs to first add an entry in the /etc/sudoers file. This file in Linux contains the entire list of users who have sudo access, along with what level of access is granted. You can follow a similar format of adding users as listed in the file, or modify Sudo Command in Linux - Baeldung on Linux

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How to give a Linux user sudo access? - Stack Overflow To give users in the wheel group full root privileges when they precede a command with "sudo", uncomment the following line: %wheel ALL= (ALL) ALL Also note that on most systems visudo will read the EDITOR environment variable or default to using vi. So you can try to do EDITOR=vim visudo to use vim as the editor. How To Use 'Sudo' And 'Su' Commands In Linux : An Jan 11, 2015

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