I've been using Craigslist for years and as of right now there is no way to tell. Usually if your posting is being flagged either you know which rule you're breaking or it's a competitor taking down your ads.

Jan 25, 2008 · So I am not breaking any rules on Craigslist. But my ads get deleted anyways. I finally got ahold of someone when I emailed to find out why it was happening. The way Craigslist works is anyone can flag a post and Craigslist doesn't bother to check it, they just delete it without checking it. Well fuck. Jan 29, 2020 · Some people also get automatically blocked on Craigslist for trying to post ads in other cities or regions. Your IP plays a role in this, too, because the site uses it to determine your location. If you post a personal ad in Chicago and Los Angeles at the same time, you might get flagged by Craigslist. If you do a lot of posting from your IP address, I’m talking 100’s of ads a day CL could do one of two things. They could soft block your IP address which means that all the ads you try and post get auto flagged immediately no matter what CL account you try and post from. Nov 17, 2015 · Just do a search for "garage door repair" on any service section on Craigslist, you'll probably find it's one lead generation company owned by an Israeli or Russian I believe, that has flagged everyone else down and has only their ads showing for the most part in virtually every city, there's probably dozens if not hundreds posted a day, and almost all stick while everyone else's flags. Craigslist employees wouldn't take your ads down, try post under a new email address with different wording for your ads and see what happens. I don't know if you violate their terms if you can shut you down somehow but I doubt it, because many companies post several of the same ads.

Jan 18, 2018 · Why Craigslist ads get flagged: Here are the reasons January 18, 2018 Startek Solution ad posting service A lot of people post ads on Craigslist as it is a rather famous site where you can sell and buy stuff and even look for work.

Jan 24, 2019 · I am posting ads on craigslist since 2009. I have experienced craigslist flagging issue a lot. its funny, sometimes my competitor and trolls try to flag your ads because they do not want you to swim on top of Craigslist search results. So we decided to test and figure out all variables that can cause flagging.

Craigslist is an awesome source for free traffic (when you don't get flagged). You can get flagged for a lot of reasons: *Same ad content as other ads on cl *Same links *Too many posts per ip *Other marketers flagging your ads *People might think it's a scam. I don't know what you're promoting but it happens.

Nov 05, 2015 · why do image ads get flagged more often on classified sites like craigslist? Good question. If you are posting the same image in each of your ads and notice those ads tend to be flagged much more than those without images, it might seem that Craigslist, Backpage, Kijiji, eBay Classifieds and GumTree are able to identify your PC through the Dec 22, 2017 · If you do these sorts of things on a regular basis on Craigslist, your posts will likely start getting flagged. Over-Use of Online Marketing Tricks and Techniques On a related note, Craigslist doesn't like extensive use of HTML in your posts or loading your headlines and marketing copy down with tons and tons of keywords and flowery adjectives. Hello Craigslist, My ads were flagged and removed from CL Chico and I have no idea why.************: I am looking for a housemate to share my *br duplex apt. I do not discriminate against anyone. All I say is I am looking for someone LGBTQ friendly and that I am ***.************ which was reposted from **********: I am helping my boss sell his woodworking business in Chico.**Can you please Most ads for dogs on craigslist and elsewhere are scams of some kind or ads by people who do not care about dogs. Many are “backyard breeders” that think there is money in puppies. I too have had trouble on craigslist. I also have seen many ads flagged that did not need flagging. In California and Colorado, many Craigslist users have their ads flagged and removed simply for being about gardening equipment or medical marijuana, which are legal by voter initiatives in these states.