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SSL VPN — Zyxel Apr 15, 2019 Zyxel Security Licenses | ZyxelGuard.com 20 rows Zyxel KB The following scenario is based on the condition that a customer purchased an SSL VPN license key that only allows two concurrent SSL VPN clients. By configuring the "user idle timeout" to 5 minutes, the USG will logout the user automatically. That means, users only have to wait 5 minutes to be able to re-login. Zyxel KB

There is an issue when I am connecting SSL VPN connection and using RDP application. The window stays white without displaying any information. Following are my conditions. 1. USG300 is running 2.20 patch 6 version. 2. Test machine: Windows 7 professional with 64 bit. 3. Internet Explorer 8 with Java 7 update 21 (latest version)

Zyxel Next-Generation USG with 300 VPN Tunnels, SSL VPN, 8

SSL VPN - Zyxel

Zyxel appliances do not include software licenses. SecuExtender (SSL VPN Client) and IPSec VPN Client software licenses must be purchased separately. Out of the box your Zyxel gateway supports the following amount of simultaneous VPN connections: