When connecting a wireless client, through windows you can't see any of the other pc's due to at least being in a different windows "workgroup", which is a really weak solution to me. Is there a way I can configure the WRT54G, GL's to act as routing access points to lease the clients on a different subnet mask then the rest of the wired network?

Hi All, I have this connection problem which i would to be happy to resolve.I have been asked to provide internet access for my mates whose computers are on the other subnet.Our network has two Yeah, this single subnet limitation sucks. Specially if you are using more professional wired and wireless network equipment. I'm using a FortiGate Firewall with an attached Access Point. In a more secure setup you have different networks/subnet for wireless and lan. Like this you cannot connect the iPhone/Android remote to the Sonos System. Jul 08, 2019 · I have latest version installed (FreeNAS-11.2-U5) and I access it fine from local, but I can not access it from VPN and other subnets. For example I am trying to access freenas ( from Any idea what should I do? I have VPN with 3 locations all on different subnets Re: Routing Between Multiple Subnet The second router is configured as my WiFi gateway, any mobile devices (Laptops, mobile phones and my printer) connects to it on 192.168.0.xxx. Its WAN Port is connected to my NetGear switch, and its gateway set to use my ISP router on 192.168.1.xxx.

Subnet Mask - The subnet mask of the remote subnet. Typically a Class C subnet mask of is used, which in slash notation is /24 as used in the diagram above. Gateway - This must be set to the IP address of the next hop to the destination subnet which in this case is the WAN IP of Router2 and Router3. In networks with more devices

Solved: Multiple routers and subnets - can't access across For instance, I have a Western Digital NAS on the subnet that I can access as \\Mybooklive\ from within Subnet 2; on Subnet 1, however, I have to access it by … Can't access QNAP from different subnet - QNAP NAS

2020-6-11 · The route command I have used previously was used for setting up a new wirless router, and set up the routing table so that the local network card ( was able to route packets to the device set on a different subnet ( as long as you knew what the IP address was.

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